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In-Store Gift Registry Solutions

Registry Valet In-Store Tablet App
Imagine a customer walking into your store who would like to create a gift registry or wish list. How best to help them? Simply reach for your iOS, Android, or Windows-powered tablet. You can create the customer's registry by entering their name and information. Then walk around your showroom with the customer while browsing your catalog right on the tablet and add whichever items the customer wants in whatever quantity they desire.
Our innovative software allows you to edit all aspects of a customer's gift registry or wish list including their name and shipping addresses, username, passwords, and other information. You can also edit the items on their list including desired quantities.

When a customer walks into your store and wishes to buy an item from a gift registry, you can find it right on the tablet with just a few taps.

No more expensive computer systems, no floor space dedicated to a gift registry station, all it takes is a tablet! The tablet app is not something that you have to download and update on your tablet, it is a web application that runs in a browser so it is convenient, simple to setup, and easy to use.

Often Asked: Do I need a web site to use the Registry Valet In-Store Tablet App?

No. You may use the In-Store Tablet App with Registry Valet even if you do not have a web site and your customers can still access their registries online if you wish. Some merchants may have a web site but not want to connect the registry system to it. That works too!

The Registry Valet In-Store Gift Registry Tablet App is just $19 per store location per month and requires a Registry Valet Professional, Premium, or Enterprise Edition Account. Tablet not included.

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