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Your Design Your Brand
Your Design, Your Brand.
When you add a gift registry system to your web site, you want it to look like part of your website. Other hosted solutions force you to squeeze your design, your identity into their design, their layout. Registry Valet allows you to completely customize the look and feel of the gift registry system to match your design, allows you to use a custom subdomain of your own domain name, and our revolutionary software platform allows you to customize functionality too!
Your Functionality
Your Functionality.
Do you need something special in a gift registry? Custom features or functionality? You might want to collect specific information from registrants or add a completely new feature. Whatever your gift registry needs, Registry Valet can do it.

Registry Valet can be customized to serve your needs at an affordable price. Tell us what you need and we will help make it happen.

In Any Language
In Any Language.
Maybe you need Registry Valet translated into Spanish, French, German, or another language to better serve your customers. Our software makes that quick and easy. You supply the translations, we'll customize the system to the language of your choice.

And it couldn't be easier. We will provide you with a list of all text references on every page of the registry system including forms, alerts, and help entries. You send us back the translated text and we will update the pages for you. Translations can be done very quickly and for a price that won't break the bank.

On Any Platform
On Any Platform, Any Device.
Registry Valet runs in a browser on any operating system platform using any device. Got an iPhone, Windows phone, Android tablet, Linux laptop, or Windows desktop computer? No problem!

Registry Valet is mobile responsive and works with any platform, any device.

In Your Store
In Your Store.
With Registry Valet's optional tablet app, scanner, and scanner app, your store can be a gift registry and wish list powerhouse. When a customer walks into your store and wants to create a registry or wish list, just pull out an iOS, Android, or Windows-powered tablet and create their registry on the spot!

The Agenne barcode scanner is ruggedly built for plenty of use in a small form factor that's lightweight and easy to use. Customers can walk around your store scanning item barcodes to add them to their registry.

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On the Web
On the Web (or not).
Connect Registry Valet with your website, customize it to match the rest of your site. Even the URL can be customized using a custom sub-domain of your domain name. For example, you might choose as the sub-domain so that when your customers are using the registry system, to them, it appears as though the registry is part of your web site.

Don't have a web site or don't want to connect the registry system to it? That's OK, too. Registry Valet can operate completely standalone.

With Optional Full E-Commerce.
Pair Registry Valet with our CustomCart e-commerce system and you have a complete online store with gift registry that you manage from a single web-based administrator. When a gift is purchased through a registry online, the cart automatically updates the registry to show the new purchased quantity.

CustomCart not only adds real ecommerce to your web site, it works hand-in-hand with Registry Valet to form a powerful system that serves your customers through the web. When the transaction is complete, the buyer's name and email address are sent to the registry so that the registrant may send them a Thank You note.

And because CustomCart's administrator is part of the same system that manages Registry Valet, you don't have to sign into one system to manage your commerce platform and another to manage your registries.

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Self-Updating Items
And Optional Self-Updating Items.
Use CustomCart with Registry Valet for a complete e-commerce solution and you can take advantage of tens of thousands of self-updating items. These items update their own pricing to match the pricing set by the manufacturer, discontinued items remove themselves from your catalog and gift registries automatically, and all of these items come with highest quality images directly from the manufacturer. This low-cost service saves you time and money!
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Quick Easy Inexpensive
It's Quick, Easy, & Inexpensive.
Using the simple Plug-In integration method, add a gift registry system to your website with as little as one link. Registry Valet is hosted software which means that it runs on our servers and you connect to it via simple HTML links.

And, it's less expensive than you may think. You may get started for free and have up to 10 registries. That's 10 couples creating wedding or baby registries, for example. When you are ready to move up to the next level, it's just $29 per month for up to 100 registries.

With service levels from Basic to Enterprise, there are features, functionality, & pricing to fit your budget and your business needs.

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