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The Registry Valet In-Store Tablet App

In-Store Gift Registry Tablet App
The Registry Valet In-Store Gift Registry Tablet App works with Registry Valet Gift Registry Software for seamless integration of in-store gift registry and wish list creation using an iOS, Android, or Windows-powered tablet, with full online functionality. In order to use the tablet app in your store, you must have a Registry Valet Professional, Premium, or Enterprise account and an iOS, Android, or Windows-powered tablet with internet access. To access the Registry Valet administrator, you will also need an internet connected desktop or laptop computer.

Because it works with our online gift registry software, the tablet app has access to all of the registries and wish lists in your account. This allows you to quickly pull up a customer's registry or wish list or create a registry which is instantly available online. A customer can walk into your store and you can create their registry on-site, adding whichever items the registrant wants and then they can go home and access their registry from their own computer. The mobile catalog system makes adding items quick and easy.

Your sales personnel will find the In-Store Tablet App easy to use and will get to know it quickly. The app has just one menu that adapts automatically to the section of the app that is being used. With a full suite of gift registry and wish list tools, your sales force may create new gift registries and wish lists, edit the registrant information, add, edit, and delete items in the worksheet, drag and drop items into a different order.

Items may be added to a registry or wish list right from the catalog system or manually added if they are not currently in the catalog. Either way, items may be added quickly to a registrant's gift list.

If a customer walks into your store and wishes to buy an item from a specific registry, you can pull out a tablet, open the registry or wish list, and find the item in short order.

And it all happens in real time so that as soon as an item is added to a registry, or a quantity changed, the changes appear online immediately. Nothing to sync, upload, or download.

No Website Needed
Don't have a website? No problem! The Registry Valet In-Store Tablet App does not require you to have a website. Your customers and registrants can access any registry or wish list you create even if you do not have a website! Do you want to prevent customers from creating registries themselves and create them from your store using the gift registry administrator? You can do that too.

Of course, if you own a web site, you can connect it to Registry Valet for your own branded gift registry and wish list system.

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