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The Registry Valet Mobile Experience

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The Registry Valet Mobile Experience.
Registry Valet's mobile experience allows brides and other gift registrants to access their gift registry using their Apple iOS, Android, or Windows-powered mobile device.
Any Platform. Any Device
The mobile experience runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices from Apple, any smartphone or tablet running the Android or Windows operating systems, or any device that can run a standard modern browser. And, there is nothing to download, mobile access is part of the gift registry solution.

The rapidly expanding use of mobile devices makes this feature of our software indispensible to any ecommerce website and will set your site apart from your competitors.

The Customer Experience
Managing a gift registry can be a challenging activity on a full sized computer, much less a mobile device with a smaller screen. Registry Valet's mobile software has been thoughtfully designed with simple controls and navigation for unparalleled ease of use.

Extensive usability studies, direct contact with users, and collaboration with a number of leading internet retailers has guided the development of our innovative mobile gift registry software. Your customers will appreciate the ease of use and powerful features of the mobile software.

Go Mobile!
With the widespread increase in mobile device use, Registry Valet's mobile responsive software is indispensable to your gift registry business. Start your free trial today and go mobile!
Feature-Rich Mobile Access
The Registry Valet mobile software application provides your customers with the most important tools they need to manage their gift registries and wish lists right from their iOS, Android, Windows, or similar OS mobile device.
Create a Gift RegistryCreate a New Gift Registry or Wish List
Creating a new gift registry or wish list using a mobile device is as quick and easy as using the full-sized web version. Your customers just fill out the mobile-optimized registry creation form and they are all set! Best of all, you can see at a glance which customers created their registries on mobile devices in the registry management section of the administrator.
Gift Registry SoftwareGift Registry Information
The Gift Registry / Wish List Information screen gives your customers access to the main information form for their gift registry including their name and the name of their co-registrant (if any), password, guest password, main address, and two additional addresses for shipping before and after the event.
Registry WorksheetRegistry Worksheet
The Registry Worksheet allows your customers to manage their gift registry or wish list with nearly all of the same functions available in the pc-based version of the software including updating "Desired" and "Purchased" quantities and deleting gift items from their registry.
Mobile CatalogBrowse the Catalog
Your customers may browse a mobile-optimized version of your catalog (even if you don't have a web site). The mobile catalog experience is quick and easy with simple controls and navigation. Best of all, they may add individual items to a gift registry or wish list with just a few taps, or add many items at once.
Share via EmailShare via Email
The Share via Email feature allows brides and other registrants to send emails to their friends and family which contain a link directly to their online gift registry. This is one of the best marketing features in the software since it tells buyers where to go to purchase gift items from you!
Share on FacebookShare on Facebook
The Share on Facebook feature allows the bride to post a link to her gift registry directly to Facebook from the mobile system. Social network connectivity helps make gift registries more popular.
See Who Bought ItemsSee Who Bought Items
The "See Who Bought Items" report shows the name and email address of customers who purchased gifts from the registry. This allows the registrant to send thank-you notes to buyers using our built-in thank-you note system or standard email. This feature is only available if your commerce system is fully integrated with Registry Valet or if you use our commerce platform.
Guest BookManage the Guest Book
If you have enabled the Registry Valet Guest Book feature, which provides a guest book for each gift registry and wish list in the system, it can also be managed on-the-go with the mobile software. Registrants can approve, edit, and delete guest book entries with just a touch.
Personal MessagePersonal Message
Since every gift registrant can create their own personal message which is displayed at the top of their gift registry list, the mobile application allows it to be edited right from the registrant's smartphone or tablet!
Direct LinkDirect Link
The mobile system includes a direct link to the gift registry or wish list. This link can be posted on any web site on the internet or included in a personal email.
Just like it's full sized counterpart, the mobile solution gives your customers the ability to manage their gift registry preferences including hiding their addresses for added security and hiding the purchased gift quantities to preserve the surprise of what has been purchased for them. Hiding the purchased quantities also prevents an alert email being sent to them when someone makes a purchase.
Your customers may call or email you directly from their mobile device with Registry Valet's convenient, built-in email and phone contact systems. Registry Valet is all about the customer experience.
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