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Registry Valet Gift Registry Administrator

Registry Valet's web-based icon-driven user interface makes managing your customers' gift registries a breeze. Every function is right at your fingertips within your favorite web browser. Just visit the administrator web site, sign in, and you are ready to start managing your customer gift registries and wish lists. The image below shows the main gift registry management screen where you may access any gift registry or wish list.

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Keeping up with your customer gift registries and wish lists has never been easier than this! All functions are designed to be as convenient and simple as possible. You have complete control and access to manage every feature with ease.

Manage Registries
Managing your customer's gift registries is a snap! Although your customers will manage their own gift registries, you always have access within the administrator to add, edit, and delete gift items, as well as updating "desired" and "purchased" quantities.

Gift Registry Software Settings
Much of the customization of the gift registry software is managed right from the the settings section. It's all point and click!

Code Generator
Use Registry Valet's code generator to automatically write the HTML forms you need to add the gift registry software to your web site.

Built-in Tutorials
The Registry Valet Tutorials are built right in to the administrator for quick reference.

Customization using Cascading Style Sheets
One of the most important aspects of our gift registry software is its ability to be customized to match the look of any web site. The CSS style name list gives you complete control over the look and feel of your gift registry system.

Users and Security
You can create as many user accounts as you like and assign them access to various software features and functions as needed.

Data Export
All gift registry data can be exported from the system using the simple export system. Export to a variety of data formats with the ease of just a few clicks.

"How did you hear about us?"
One of the most important things you can do is find out how a bride or other registrant found your web site to create a gift registry with you. Using this feature, you can setup a blank form field for the registrant to fill out when creating their gift registry or you can specify a list of choices which the registrant will select from a drop-down list.

Multi-Store Management
Does your business have more than one retail location? Registry Valet allows you to set them up in the system so that your customers can associate their registry with a particular store for more personal service. Note that you don't need to have more than one store to use Registry Valet, in fact, you don't need a store at all!

Event Type Management
Gift registries are created for specific events and Registry Valet's event management software allows you to specify a list of event types that your customers can choose from when creating a gift registry. If you choose to allow wish lists, the event selection will not be presented if the customer chooses the wish list option.

Preview Gift Registries
From within the administrator, you can preview gift registries just as visitors will see them. A quick preview with just one click!

Context-Sensitive Help
Using the Administrator to manage your gift registry software, is simple and straightforward. Should you encounter any difficulty, context-sensitive help is available throughout the Administrator to guide you. And if you need more assistance, help is just a phone call away with our free and unlimited technical support.

All the Functionality You Need and Then Some!
Within the web-based administrator, you can view all gift registries in the system, view and edit gift registry information, update item quantities if needed, edit the list of gift registry events (such as Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Shower and more) and control all aspects of your gift registry software. In addition, you can manage access to the Registry Valet administrator including the creation and editing of user access (persons within your organization) along with security access to specific functions within the administrator software - all with the ease of use of our icon-driven interface.
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