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Gift Registry Software Features

Gift Registries and Wish Lists
Visitors to your site can create both event-based registries (registries for events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and so forth) and Wish Lists. A wish list is not associated with a specific event and allows your customers to keep track of the items they would like to buy and forward that list to their friends and family. You control which type of gift registry is allowed through the administrator.
Proven Scalability
Registry Valet serves tens of thousands of wish lists and gift registries with more being added almost hourly. Our underlying architecture is built to handle even the most demanding enterprise class merchants while still being affordable. For very large enterprise customers, we can even setup a dedicated server with all of the power and connectivity you will need.
Easy Setup & Integration
There are 3 ways to integrate Registry Valet:
Direct using simple HTML forms and links to add Registry Valet gift registry software to your web site. Our code generator software will automatically create the code that you need to copy and paste into the pages of your site.

Plug In by using Registry Valet in combination with our catalog software. The "Add to Registry" buttons are automatically supplied with each item. This tight integration of gift registry software with our online catalog makes integrating as simple as adding one HTML link to your web site.

API Registry Valet's advanced Application Programming Interface gives you complete control of the gift registry system right from your web or store-based commerce application. Create, edit, and delete registries and registered items using your own user interface.
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Mobile Responsive
Registry Valet is built for mobile devices whether your customers use an iPhone, Android, or Windows-powered phone. Customers can do everything on their mobile devices that they can do on a full sized computer.

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No Website Needed
Registry Valet's In-Store solutions mean that you don't need a website in order to use Registry Valet! You can use the In-Store Tablet App to create and manage gift registries and wish lists for your customers and they can still access them online using a computer or mobile device.
Advanced Functionality
Our gift registry software provides advanced functionality for your customers such as the ability to change the sort-order of the items in their gift registry by simply dragging and dropping the items where they want them. The software allows the bride, for example, to place her most-wanted gift items at the top of her list.
Complete Design Flexibility
Our hosted gift registry software is completely customizable which means that you can make your gift registry system look just like the rest of your web site. This seamless software integration insures that your customers will have the same high quality experience that they do on the other pages of your site.

Simple HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and custom page layouts makes design a snap! If you have specific needs for page layout, we can accommodate them with our internal module system. You design how the pages should look and we plug our code into them to create fully design-customized gift registry software.

Registry Security
Registry Valet takes personal information security very seriously by providing a variety of security measures to protect registrants' information from unauthorized viewing:

First, when someone searches for a gift registry on your website, they must enter at leat two letters of the last name. This way, your full list of registries can not be found by simply entering each letter of the alphabet individually and clicking the search button.

Second, the registrant may choose to hide their addresses (main address, pre-event ship-to, and post-event ship-to) from anyone viewing their gift registry.

Finally, by specifying an optional "Guest Password", the registrant can secure their full gift registry including any non-hidden personal information from unauthorized viewing.

Works with virtually any cart system
Registry Valet gift registry software can be used with our own CustomCart commerce software or with almost any shopping cart software of your choice. Using simple HTML forms and links, Registry Valet can also interface with most large web e-commerce systems such as SAP, Yahoo stores, CPOnline, MIVA Merchant, Magento, Amazon stores, Shopify, Monster Commerce and many more. Registry Valet also works with most standard do-it-yourself software like osCommerce.

If you have built your own commerce system using active software technology such as ColdFusion, ASP, .NET, or PHP, Registry Valet will easily integrate with your system!

Web-Based Administrator
Manage your gift registries and wish lists with our easy-to-use administrator. Create, edit, and delete registries and manage all options and settings with the simplicity of a web-based, icon-driven managemen system.

The Administrator

In-Store Gift Registry Solutions

In-Store Tablet App
Use a tablet computer such as an iPad, Android, or Windows-powered tablet to create, edit, and manage gift registries in your store. When a customer walkis in and would like to create a gift registry or wish list, simply pull out a tablet computer and get them started!

The tablet app works with our online gift registry software, so it has access to all of the registries and wish lists in your account. This allows you to pull up a customer's registry or wish list or create a registry which is immediately available online.

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Custom Functionality

Your Functionality
Custom Form Fields
The Professional, Premium, and Enterprise editions of Registry Valet come with a custom form & data field option allowing you to collect additional information from your customers when they sign up for a gift registry or wish list.

Custom Functionality
Over the years, many merchants have come to us with needs that go beyond the basic design of Registry Valet to encompass features and functionality that are not generally part of a gift registry system, but are more suited to their individual businesses. That's why our gift registry software has been built to allow for custom functionality.

Other hosted systems lock you into their feature set while Registry Valet provides a means of building your own features right into the software.

Optional Language Translation

In Any Language
Maybe you need Registry Valet translated into Spanish, French, German, or another language to better serve your customers. Our software makes that quick and easy. You supply the translations, we'll customize the system to the language of your choice.

And it couldn't be easier. We will provide you with a list of all text references on every page of the registry system including forms, alerts, and help entries. You send us back the translated text and we will update the pages for you. Translations can be done very quickly and for a price that won't break the bank.

Give us a call, we will give you a quote.

Why a Gift Registry?

Increase Sales
FACT: Adding bridal or gift registry software to your website can dramatically increase sales. When a registrant selects your website to register for their special day, they will, in effect, become a marketing representative for your company and products.

Using Registry Valet's "Forward List to Friends and Family" feature, the bride (or gift registrant) will send a link to their gift registry on your website to likely buyers. Many of these buyers will not have even heard of your site before, but based upon their recommendation, will place an order.

A More Professional Appearance
The internet today is flush with commerce web sites, many of which carry exactly the same products that you do. By offering a gift registry or wish list to your customers, you set yourself apart from the rest and present a more professional appearance.

Increase Customer Loyalty
Buyers who find your site as a result of someone else's recommendation are much more likely to buy from your site again because of this endorsement.
By adding gift registry software to your commerce web site, you will build customer loyalty and increase your repeat customer business.

Increase Traffic to Your Web Site
Viral marketing (word-of-mouth advertising) is the holy grail of internet retailing. By allowing customers to register with your web site and tell all of their friends and family, they spread the word about your site and your products. Take advantage of viral internet marketing by adding our gift registry software to your web site today!

Feature-Rich and Powerful

  • Makes it easy for anyone to buy a gift from your site or your store and give it to a bride or other gift registrant based on their list of desired items
  • Includes a registry "Post Back" feature to update the gift registry when gift items are purchased through your cart
  • Barcode Scanner for your customers to add items to their gift registry in your store by scanning barcodes for each item!
  • Maintains a complete list of desired gift items as well as how many have been purchased from the gift registry
  • Can be translated into virtually any language
  • Ability to create a gift registry on-the-fly while shopping simply by clicking "Add to Registry" button
  • Advanced Drag-and-Drop functionality allows the registrant to quickly and intuitively sort the gift items on their list into whatever order they prefer to display them to friends and family.
  • Supports custom functionality which allows you to offer features to your customers that are not part of the standard software
  • Ability to forward a gift registry list to friends and family for high quality viral (word-of-mouth) marketing
  • Ability to preview the gift registry the way that it will appear to visitors
  • Built-in, full-featured Guest Book in each gift registry which is completely managed by the registrant
  • Printer-friendly version of the gift registry display page allows visitors to print the gift registry for offline review or In-Store purchasing
  • Fully editable and sortable list of event types (wedding, anniversary, baby shower, etc.)
  • Supports the ability for registrants to see a list of who made purchases from their gift registry
  • Includes additional ship-to addresses for shipping gifts before or after the event
  • Easy for friends and family to use when buying registered gift items
  • Search feature to allow friends and family to locate a specific gift registry by name or event year/month
  • Registry security allows the registrant to create an optional guest password to protect personal information and access to the gift registry list
  • For further security, the registrant may choose to hide their addresses from anyone who views their gift registry
  • Search security means that when someone searches for gift registries, they must enter at least 2 letters of the last name in order to find registries.
  • Automatic "Add to Cart" button in gift registry list no matter what shopping cart system you are using
  • Displays a personal message from the registrant to guests who visit the gift registry. You can even preset suggested text for your registrants
  • HTML code for a direct link to the gift registry - can be posted anywhere on the internet including FaceBook, MySpace, and other social networks
  • Instant pop-up calendar to assist the registrant in selecting their event date
  • Can be used as a standalone software application or fully integrated with Custom CartView and/or CustomCart for a complete e-commerce solution
  • Web-Based, Icon-Driven Administrator to easily manage all gift registries including add/edit/delete control of all registries
  • Maintains each gift registry for 1 to 5 years (merchant selectable) or until you, the merchant, delete it
  • "How Did You Hear About Us" feature helps you to find out how the registrant found your site. This can be either a text field which the registrant fills in or a drop-down list of pre-selected options you specify
  • Automatic confirmation email is sent to the bride or other registrant upon gift registry creation
  • A confirmation email can optionally include custom text and HTML code so you can include your own special message to the registrant
  • Automatic alert email sent to you when a new gift registry is created
  • Ability to send a test confirmation email helps make customizing the mailing more convenient
  • Can be configured as a one-time, event based gift registry or an ongoing wish list. The merchant controls whether one or both types are allowed and, if both are allowed, the registrant can create either type
  • Built-in lost password finder for registrants who lose their username or password
  • Completely registrant managed. Registrants can add or delete gift items and change "registered" and "purchased" quantities
  • Data export capability of all gift registry data
  • If you also use CustomCart shopping cart software, tight integration with Registry Valet will automatically fill in the shipping address for the purchaser based on the registrant's shipping information and the registrant can optionally receive an alert email when an item is purchased from their gift registry.
  • You can use Registry Valet gift registry software on your website even if you don't sell products online!
  • If your company has multiple store locations, your customers can optionally assign their gift registry or wish list to a specific store location
  • Ability to offer free shipping on purchases made from a gift registry or wish list
  • Registrant activity reporting gives you insight into when, and how often, someone adds an item to their registry, signs in to their registry, and other activity data
  • Custom Sub-domain capability allows you to use a subdomain of your own domain name for your gift registry pages. A custom sub-domain might be something such as (where is the URL of your website).

Optional Software & Features

Add a secure and reliable shopping cart and catalog system for a complete e-commerce solution. Connect to your site with just one simple HTML link and customize it to look like the rest of your web site. Adding CustomCart gives you the convenience of plug-in integration and the power of full e-commerce. Upload items and images to the online catalog and use our self-updating items if you carry the more than 90 brands we offer!
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Store Management
If your business has more than one store location and you wish to track gift registries by store, look no further than our Store Manager software. Add, edit, and delete stores and allow your customers to assign their registries to a specific store. Manage your stores through the same web-based interface as the rest of the system. And, it is also a store locator that customers can use to find your locations!
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In-Store Solutions
Registry Valet is not just for web sites. In fact, you don't need a web site at all. Our store-based solutions allow you to create, edit, and manage gift registries and wish lists with barcode scanners or inexpensive tablets. Imagine a customer walks into your store and wishes to create a gift registry. Just pull out an iOS, Android, or Windows-powered tablet and setup their registry. Items can be added via a barcode scanner or the tablet.
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