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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a 14-day or 30 day-free trial?
Neither. You get as much time to setup and test Registry Valet as you want. When you sign up, your account is automatically placed in "Test Mode". While in Test Mode, you may only create 10 registries. That's 10 couples who create wedding or baby registries, for example. All features and functionality are available while in test mode. The only limitation is the number of registries which can be created. When you "Go Live" with Registry Valet, that limit is removed and you may create as many registries as your selected service level allows. So, no matter how long you spend setting up and customizing Registry Valet, you don't pay anything. And when you Go Live, your first month of service is free of charge.
Is there a setup fee, long-term commitment, or other obligation?
Nope. You pay for Registry Valet month-to-month and may cancel at any time. There is no contract and you do not need a credit card to get started. You may upgrade and downgrade your plan any time you wish.
What are "Self-Updating Items"?
Do you sell luxury tabletop items from such brands as Arte Italica, Vietri, Annie Glass, and others? If so, our system is at your disposal with more than 90 brands encompassing more than 50,000 items. Of course, you can sell and allow customers to register for any items you wish, but if you want the ultimate in convenience and item management, select from the brands, import the items into the catalog system, and they will update their own pricing weekly and any discontinued items will be automatically removed.
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Can I use my own domain name?
Yes. You can setup what is called a "sub-domain" such as and use it as the link to your gift registry pages.
I don't want customers creating their own registries, I want to do that in my store, but still allow them to sign in and make changes online. Can I do that?
Sure. Registry Valet can be setup to do exactly that. You may create registries and wish lists using the Administrator or the In-Store Tablet App. In fact, Registry Valet may be configured in a variety of ways to give your customers more or less control as you see fit. Give us a call to go over your needs.
I don't have a web site. How would my customers sign in to their registries online?
Your customers can sign in to their registries by going to and clicking on "Sign In". On the Sign In page, there are two forms, one for merchants and one for registrants. And you can even upload a logo so that your customers see a more branded appearance once they are signed into their registries and wish lists.
I only want to use the registry system in my store. What do I need to sign up for?
You will need at least Registry Valet Basic Edition plus the Store Bundle. You can create registries in your store using a laptop or full size computer. If you would like to use a tablet, then you would also need the Registry Valet tablet App.
Is there a way for the bride to hide her personal information such as her home address from all but her own friends and family?
Yes. When a new registry is created, there is an option to specify the "guest password". When a guest password is used, only the registrant name(s) and event date are visible in the search system. If anyone attempts to access the registry, they will be asked for the guest password. Only those to whom the bride has given the guest password will be able to access the registry.
The bride can change her guest password at any time. In addition, you can, at the bride's request, change the guest password for her from within the administrator.
Can a bride set her registry to hide the "Purchased" and "Needs" Quantities on the worksheet?
Yes. We recognize that some kinds of registrants, such as brides, may want to be surprised and not know the quantities of items that have been purchased.
To handle this situation, Registry Valet allows the bride to set the registry at the time that she creates it to hide these quantities. On the Create New Registry form, there is a section called Preferences. Under this section, is a preference called "Hide Has and Still Needs Quantities". Checking this checkbox will hide these quantities. In addition, there is a Preferences section in the registry main menu when the bride has signed in to her registry where she can change this preference.
Many of my items have options like color or size. Can Registry Valet work with that?
Yes. The Add-to-Registry form code generator allows you to specify the options used in your add to cart code separately from the rest of the form. In this way, the options can be shown to the registrant when they select items to add to their registries. If you have any questions about setting up or working with Registry Valet, please contact Agenne Support for assistance.
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